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Italian pipe fittings manufacturing company is selecting distributors who want to increase their products supply chain capacity




A small-medium sized company from the north-east of Italy is specialized in the production of special metal-plastic fittings and manifolds for water, gas and geothermal systems. At this time the company is positioning in several foreign markets; it looks for partners who want to increase the quality and effectiveness of their pipe fittings supply optimizing at the same time their investments, methods and time of production. Looking for distribution services and joint venture agreements.


Description complète

This Italian company works in the international market of the hydraulic field and of the civil and industrial plant designed.
Over the years the company has worked with global renowned partners and nowadays wants to establish new long-term business relationships. It is looking for the agreements: distribution services agreement and joint venture agreement.
The production plant is located forty kilometres far from Venice. It expands itself over an uncovered area of 15.000 square meters and 4.500 square meters covered; the production cycle is organized in departments in which each operation is subjected to constant quality controls.
The passion and the experience of the entrepreneur, have been the key to create a range of high quality products in which research and innovation are in constant dialogue with the market needs.
The company is focused on very specific fields of intervention: water works; gas pipeline; geothermal.
The flagship product is represented by the transition fittings, available in:
• polyethylene/carbon steel;
• polyethylene/stainless steel;
• polyethylene/copper;
• polyethylene/brass;
• polyethylene/cast iron.
Moreover, the company produces:
• manifolds in polyethylene for water and geothermal systems and in steel for gas pipelines;
• transition fittings with flange;
• polyethylene fittings and special pieces.
Diameters up to 1200 mm
Water manifolds:
• polyethylene body reinforced;
• one side manifold unilateral, two side manifold bilateral;
• standard outlets: 1/2" and 3/4” female threaded – in brass;
• the brass connection is free to move 360° on his axis (patented system);
• 100% chemical corrosion free and 100% electrical corrosion free;
Gas manifolds:
• in carbon steel diameter range from 1” to 10”;
• wheelbase outlets: standard 250 mm or on demand;
• coating: thermoplastic powder, resistant against corrosion for at least 200 years;
• tested pressure up to 10 bar;
Geothermal manifolds:
• made of polyethylene 100;
• structured through modular systems deliverable according to the needs of the client;

Expertise du partenaire recherchée:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type of partner sought:
Distributor, joint venture partner.
The Italian company wants to establish a long-term business relationship on the base of a distribution service agreement or a joint venture agreement. The partners are from industry or trade. Potential partners should have knowledge about sector, should be well introduced in the market, should have strong connections with construction and infrastructure sectors and should be customer focused. The Italian company will be glad to host a meeting on the company’s premises to discuss the detail of any potential contract. As regards the joint venture, it is envisaged of commercial nature – i.e. only to sell; the partner has a complementary business, making the perfect match for a profitable cooperation for both companies.

Specific area of activity of the partner sought:
Water, gas, geothermal systems.

Avantages et innovations:

• all the products are rigorously manufactured in Italy;
• broad possibility of customization of products and packaging;
• possibility to study and develop a new product in cooperation with its technical department, according to the partner needs;
• ISO 9001 Quality Certified (thanks to a continuous improvement in inner R&D, manufacturing processes and finished products);
• all products are made according to the international standards;
• possibility to sell only a few quantity for each product;
• customer-oriented staff.

Phase de développement:

Already on the market

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