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A Romanian zeolite mining and processing company is looking for subcontractors, commercial agency or distribution services agreements




The Romanian company was founded in 2013, its main objective being the exploitation and valorization of one of the few deposits of zeolites in Romania. The extraordinary properties of zeolites have defined the company's interest to turn a natural and ecological resource into finite products or raw material for various industries that the company wishes to export under commercial agency agreements, distribution agreements or subcontracting. All products are certified as 100% natural and organic.


Description complète

Zeolites are natural volcanic rocks resulted from the complete transformation of volcanic sandstone over millions of years, under the action of incredible natural forces such as temperature, pressure, etc. This volcanic rock has unique properties that can be used in many industries, as their special molecular structure allows the filtering of harmful substances and radiation, acting as molecular sieve. Zeolites can also act as a catalyst in many chemical reactions including oxidation reactions or neutralizing heavy metal ions. In various forms of processing, zeolites can be used in agriculture, animal husbandry, chemical industry, oil industry, construction, air and water purification, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and more. It is worth mentioning that few other natural stones have such a wide usage as zeolites. The Romanian company owns and operates one of the few deposits of zeolites in Romania resulted from a volcanic tuff located in the Carpathians. The operational area and modern technological line for zeolite processing has a daily processing capacity of 200 tons of raw material at various grain sizes, starting from 5 microns up to large stone blocks in various packaging forms.
Most samples taken and submitted to mineralogical analyses show that the concentration of zeolites is above 95%, which grants that the deposits are of special value. From a quantitative perspective, the reserves are virtually inexhaustible in the mentioned area. All of the products developed and made by the company are certified as 100% natural and organic, documented by the numerous tests and certifications made on samples taken from the operation area, as well as the research studies conducted together with the most prestigious institutions in Romania.
The company is also constantly researching and developing new procedures and products, for the moment commercializing accredited zeolite based products for specific uses as it follows:
- 3 different types of products for livestock farming;
- 2 products for agriculture and crops;
- 2 products for water treatment;
- 2 products for environmental protection;
- 7 products for home use.
The Romanian company wishes to find partners for international co-operations in order to maximize the production and valorization rate of the valuable raw material and products, as well as to bring to light the special qualities of zeolite products. The company seeks solid commercial agency agreements, distribution services agreements or subcontracting agreements, meaning partnerships that can help the company to fulfill its major goals: cost efficiency, new product development and new market penetration. At their turn, the seeked partners can fully benefit from the Romanian company's special advantages and innovative features such as: high quality, cheap, inexhaustible, natural raw material, innovative, organic products, flexibility in material processing and low competition on European markets.

Expertise du partenaire recherchée:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Romanian company is looking for reliable industrial/commercial partners that can represent, distribute and/or commercialize the company's products.

The sought partners for commercial agency agreements should represent and promote the Romanian companies` products abroad, to their portfolio of customers and collaborators, providing for the Romanian company full information as regarding to shipment, quantities, schedule for delivery or other specific needs/specifications.

The sought partners for distribution services agreements should provide for the Romanian company the characteristics for the products (raw material or developed products) that they are willing to sell to their clients (bulk or package weight, dimensions, labeling requirements), as well as any other special requirements regarding international/local standards for commercializing such products or any other information, specification or characteristics for the products.

The sought partners for subcontracting agreements should provide for the Romanian company the necessary specifications, any special know-how, techniques, characteristics or other operational process parameters for the subcontracted service or manufacturing/developing/testing of new products.

Avantages et innovations:

Zeolites are natural volcanic rocks with unique properties that are very versatile and can be used in several industries. The Romanian company owns and operates one of the few deposits of zeolites in Romania, resulted from a volcanic tuff located in the Carpathian mountains. The advantages the company has to offer to its potential partners are the following:
- Recent important investments in technology and production line;
- Research, testing and certification activities started and conducted by specialists for over 15 years;
- Technological process free of toxic substances;
- Documented and accredited quality and concentration for raw material;
- Own research and development functional laboratory;
- Daily processing capacity of 200 tons of raw material;
- Ability to process zeolites in various grain sizes, from 5 microns to large blocks in various packaging forms;
- Inexhaustible resource of raw material.

Phase de développement:

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