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High-precision non-contact durable liquid flow meter




Croatian SME developed advanced radar system measurement with a wide range that can be used for flow velocity monitoring of open channel flows (rivers, irrigation channels, waste waters, hydropower plants, etc.). With no moving parts and robust mechanical design, sensor is quickly and simply installed above any liquid surface. SME is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance with companies engaged in water management, design of drainage systems and industrial plants.


Description complète

Research and development oriented SME from Croatia created and manufactured radar sensors for use in traffic, security and hydrology applications. SME has strong competencies in microwave engineering, digital signal processing, embedded systems and electronics development for demanding applications like high processing power computing and similar.

Most commonly used solution for liquid flow measurement is mechanical measuring which has questionable precision and applicability (it can only be used for measuring if the weather is nice). Company's solution uses radar measurement that has better precision, wider measurement range, longer duration and more affordable price.

With the use of radar technology, the solution provides a precise contactless measurement of surface flow velocity and it enables quick and simple sensor installation above any liquid surface (water, waste, chemicals, sewers etc.) with minimum maintenance. Unlike ultrasound-based flow velocity sensors, the radar sensor is immune to air temperature/air density changes. The radar can be mounted either above the stream or sideways and it supports multiple communication interfaces and protocols, which makes it easy to integrate into an existing SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system.

The radar operates in K-band (at 24.125 or 24.200 GHz) and provides flow speed readings 20 times per second over serial (RS-232, RS-485) and CAN (Controller Area Network) interfaces. A variety of supported communication interfaces and protocols enable easy integration with existing telemetry equipment and SCADA systems. An integrated tilt sensor measures inclination angle of the sensor and the flow velocity measurement is automatically cosine-corrected according to the measured mounting tilt angle.

Company's solution is used to monitor flow velocity of open channels such as rivers, irrigation channels, waste waters, sewer systems, and for monitoring and control of hydropower plants and wastewater treatment plants. It is also suitable for various mass flow metering applications in mining processing plants, industrial installations. Because it has no moving parts and has a robust mechanical design, it can also be used for measurement of flammable fluids and harsh chemical applications.

Radar can also be used for precise flow measurement in all kinds of outdoor and indoor industrial facilities. Since the radar waves propagate through plastic materials, the radar can be used to measure flow speed inside plastic pipes/tubes within an industrial facility. Radar is also perfectly suited for use in various water/sewage processing facilities, hydropower plants etc.

Radar sensor is certified according to both European and American standards and is being used worldwide - in China, Italy, Czech Republic, etc. In China SME's sensors are used for flow measurement to defend areas in need from floods, especially in places with high water level.

The company is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance with partners that are engaged in water management, utility services, a design of drainage systems and waste water. Possible partners can also be industrial plants.

Expertise du partenaire recherchée:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for partners who are dealing with water management, utility services, or working on the design of drainage systems. Possible partners may also be industrial plants and companies engaged in waste water management.

Avantages et innovations:

- Contactless measurement with wide measurement range - from 0,02m/s to 15m/s
- Very low energy consumption of the sensor
- Long range operation up to 50m
- Compact, low-power design built on robust radar technology
- It can be used up to 10 years
- Wide input voltage range, suitable for solar applications
- Supports variety of communication interfaces (RS-232, RS-485, CAN, Alarm open-drain outputs)
- Optional support for SDI-12 (serial data interface for environmental data acquisition)

Phase de développement:

Already on the market - Product is finished and on the market.

Droits de propriété intellectuelle:

Secret Know-how,Copyright

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