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Slovenian producer of industrial filters is looking for distributors.




A Slovenian company is active in production of industrial filters for industrial dust collection and for different industrial applications.
The company is looking for partners involved in sale or distribution of industrial filters to cooperate in form of distribution agreements.


Description complète

A company from central Slovenia, established in 2008, manufactures industrial filters:
- air filters for motor vehicles, compressors and air filters for extraction and filtering devices. The filter media used and installed are polyester fibres of different densities and qualities. They can be oil-repellent, water-repellent, antistatic, non-combustible or with teflon coating (PTFE). Product range includes pleated filter cartridges, panel dust extraction filters of different sizes, case filters, filter elements for oil and emulsion mist for the separation of oil mist.
- oil filters - oil cleaner cartridge is used for the main lubricating oil flow. In the lubrication technique, the same standards for determining the purity of the oil are used as in hydraulics (IISO DIS 4406 or NAS 1638).
- water filters - include mechanical industrial water filtration, water softening (lime-scale neutralization), UV water disinfection, ultrafiltration and industrial rainwater filters. The cartridges can be made of different materials (polypropylene, cotton, polyester, etc.), permeability varies from 1 to 400 microns.
- hydraulic filters - depending on the purpose of the application, several cleaners can be installed simultaneously. These cleaners are manufactured mainly for pre-existing hydraulic housings. A hydraulic cartridge of the same size can include several different membranes installed, which can be made of mesh, paper or glass fibres.
- natural gas filters - remove hard particles, mucilage, hydrogen-sulphides, oil and other contaminants before gas reaches chemical treatments and pumps – compressors. The company offers filter cartridges, separators and combined separators for the filtration of natural gas made of pleated membrane made from different materials, inner steel reinforcement and aluminium extensions.
- roller belt filters - specially developed non-woven materials are offered in many different qualities and sizes (viscose, polyester, polypropylene and many others) for various uses.
- erosion filters - filter elements for erosion machines are mostly standard shapes and filtering quality. The larger erosion filters have two filter membranes inside, and the membrane itself is manufactured in the form of lamellas and they enable the efficient cleaning of the dielectrics. Standard erosive filter-submersible erosion filters (EDM) and wired erosion filters (WEDM) are produced.
- separators - filter separators that allow the separation of oil aerosols, water vapour and solid particles are produced (separator cartridges, threaded separators, separators for vacuum pumps).
- filters for different applications - non-standard and custom-made filters are produced.
- spatial filtration – it applies where air purity requirements are considerably higher - a high risk of infection areas, e.g. in hospitals, operating halls, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, the food industry. Filtration materials are made of polyester materials and glass fibers. It is also used in central air conditioning systems of larger facilities (hotels, banks, sports facilities, business buildings, shopping centres, etc.). In combination with the solid particle filter, a carbon filter is often used, which also removes unpleasant odours from the air.

The company would like to expand its operations and is looking for reliable distributors from the field of industrial filtration.
The company would like to sign distribution agreements with distributors which will buy and sell the company’s products.

Expertise du partenaire recherchée:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for reliable and long-term partners to cooperate with via distribution agreements. The partner should:
- have good access to the industrial sector as well as to other application fields of the company's products (natural gas distribution plants, railways, etc.) to be able to promote and sell the company's products in these sectors.
- have the ability and the channels to sell the company's products in the specific region of the country they are located in.
- have good experience in international cooperation.
The company is seeking cooperation in order to enter new markets and increase sales. The desired outcome would be increased exports for the company and better market access.

Avantages et innovations:

The company has close to 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of filters and also cooperates with well-known global manufacturers of filters.

The company is investing in new machinery and research to grow, expand the production capacity, and be able to cover any demand for export.

The production demands of the filter are determined according to the standards and requirements regarding the purpose of the extracted medium. The installation and structure of the filter cartridge is also adjusted to the method of its cleaning.

The company has very good experience in international cooperation and is able to deal professionally with partners from other countries.

Phase de développement:

Already on the market

Droits de propriété intellectuelle:

Secret Know-how,Trade Marks,Copyright

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